Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Unky moods R Back!

Was having a lazy internet navigation and I found out that they're back..
as cute.. as lovely.. as crazy as ever :)

I'm Soooo Happy :))

If U wanna get one check punkymoods.com

P.s.1 Happy Eid to everyone..
P.s.2 Dido, Lasto-adri, I reckon you're jumping right now;)


Aladdin said...

Happy that the 'unky' moods r back! At least they serve in making ur blog what it is!!

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

:) unky is back ... my mood would be "zombified" :S

hmm, passing thru stupid things in life,, yalla

anywyas, Happy eid to you ya ghada and many happy returns of the day

ps: sorry for not replying your email,, hmm, asl.. e7m.. y3ni.. you know... i guess marcel's tracks better :$ :$ (at least for me)
you know i got problem with female singers keda.. mesh babla3hom...

ps2: sorry for writing in english, i am on my brother's pc... with no arabic :S

Dido's^^^ said...
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Dido's^^^ said...

Yuppy Yuppy
Hey Hey Hey
Horreey Horeey
و كل صيحات المرح و الانبساط و السعادة الآخرى
ميرسي ع الأخبار الجميلة يا غدغدووود مش قادرة أقولك الـ
Unky Moods
كانوا قاطعين فيّا قد إيه
Back To Using Them Definetly !!

Ghada said...

was jumping around the house when I found them bgad :).. glad that u think they have a function..

happy Eid to u 2..

I'm shocked u didn't like kamilia.. i luv her to bits..
لولا اختلاف الأذواق فعلا..


I knew it ! ;)

أنا كمان كانوا قاطعين فيا خالص..:)
لسه مش قادرة أنساكي لما كنتي بتغيريهم كل شوية مع الـ
count down
قبل الفرح
يااه.. كانت أيام

Diyaa' said...

!! :D